Smoke Out Win a Free Bike

Boomer and his adventures... a few months back in issue #169 he was able to scoop up this Yamaha XS1100.

Excerpt from article.... 

The Yamaha is painted up nice and has a few cool parts on it. On the way home Josh asked “uncle Boomer what are we going to do with this old Metric?” I thought for a moment and replied “young grasshopper we are going to The Smoke Out 18 this year, its one hell of a party. Everyone that goes there does something big, why don’t we give it away like at Bike Night?? Well to say the least Josh was on Board. So that’s right we are giving away a FREE bike at The Smoke Out 18 this year. All you have to do is stop by our booth and on the last day we will pull a name for the winner! I will also be looking for bikes to buy so if you have an old bike lying around stop by, your old scoot might be the next bike in Turn and Burn!!  



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