Smoke Out

A two-day event celebrating what we all love... motorcycle. Not just any motorcycles though. We are talking about choppers, bobbers, vintage, home/ garage built motorcycles. This is the place to be if you have one of these cool motorcycles. If you sell products for any of these motorcycles, then you should be here too. 

These two-day event is jam packed with all kinds of fun... mini bike races, 50s style drag racing, stunt riders, naked paint lady contests, anvil toss, some of the best bands, paint jam panel and not to mention a hell of a lot of awesome bikes. 

Tons of bikes means tons of builders. With that in mind, we will be featuring 4 top builders in the industry that are competing for the Smoke Out 18 Pro Builder trophy. Don't fret theres a show of 10 amateur  builders that are also competing for the Smoke Out 18 ACO Builder trophy. 

And to throw in some more competitions we have the Royal Enfield competition ... two builders, two stock bikes ... what will happen? Be there to check it out. 

Don't worry we know you want to see some flashy stuff too, well yes there will be naked women there, but we mean flashy paint. For the first time ever, theres a competition for painters to show off their skills. We aren't talking about the normal paint job, like pull up a bike and we pick out the best painter. No we are talking 6 painters who have to fabricate, build and paint a trophy and paint a tank. What you say. Thats right they have to really show their skills as a fabricator and a painter. 

While you're at the Smoke Out... enter your bike bike into one of the bike shows for a chance to win a trophy too. Theres a bike show for all... Professional Bike Show, Amateur Bike Show, Vintage Bike Show just to name the most important ones. 

Well hopefully we've said enough and we will see you at the Smoke Out Rally. 

Be sure to look out for Smoke Out Special Issue coming soon.  







Smoke Out 18

June 16-17, 2017




The Horse Smoke Out 2017 Presented by Lowbrow Customs from Lowbrow Customs on Vimeo.






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