Pro's Ride-in Bike Show

This show is still the quickest path to have your bike featured in the pages of The HORSE Backstreet Choppers Magazine and now we are taking it even further. Entry fee is still only $20.


The surest way to be selected as one of the builders is to win the Pro-Ride in bike show at the Smoke Out. If you are one of the 4 winners of the “Pro” class (in the ride in bike show) you automatically have a slot to be one of the Pro Chop Off builders the following year. 



It is not easy working in the shop and getting the articles in on time, however, it usually turns out to be a great experience and every year we are working to make it better.


The winner of the Pro Chop Off will have their bike on the cover of The HORSE Magazine.


So register now for a chance to be chosen as a Pro Builder for Smoke Out 19.
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