Chop Doc's Paint Show


6 Painters/ Fabricator have been chosen to show off their paint and fabrication skills. 

Chop Docs Paint Show at The Horse Smoke Out 18 June 17, 2017 in Rockingham Dragway, Rockingham, NC. 




Tropical Glitz
Southern Polyurethanes, Inc 


Painters/ Fabricator

Chad Chambers Customs: Chad Chambers
Woods Kustoms: Chris Woods
Mo'$ Image Customs: Mo Diaz
Southeastern Customs Chopper Shop: Rodney Smith
The Homie Big Rick: Rick Pineda
The Art of Darren McKeag: Darren McKeag


• Required to have and function as a company/ shop
• Required to be a painter
• Required to have fabrication skills
• The shop/ company itself is required to build/ fabricate the trophy
 • trophy must be painted
• Trophy and tank do not have to match
• Required to have the trophy and tank completed by June 14
• Required to have company/ shop/ signature on both trophy and tank
• Will be provided space to setup at the Smoke Out
 • required that you bring your own tent, table and chairs, biz cards or flyers

• Required to build/fabricate/ paint a custom trophy: 
 • no bigger than 18ins in height
• Required to paint a gas tank
 • we will provide the tank
• Top 4 of the fabricated trophies will be given to the winners for the 2018 Smoke Out 19 Pro Build Off

• 1 fabricated trophy will be given to the winner for the Vintage Bike Show
• 1 fabricated trophy will be given to the winner for the 2017 Amateur Chop Off
• 6 tanks: the painters themselves, will pick one bike from the ride-in bikes shows: ACO, Vintage Bike Show or the Pro Bike Show. Painter will present the tank on stage at the 2017 Smoke Out 18 June 17, 2017 to the bike of their choice.