Bikes 2 Bikes Price Guide



What is the Bikes 2 Bikes Price Guide?

The Bikes 2 Bikes Price Guide provides values from bicycles to motorcycles, with a range of years from 1880 to current along with pricing based on condition ratings. The Bikes 2 Bikes Price Guide uses CHARLIE, bike experts and appraisers to assist in an overall market value.

What’s in this pricing guide?

  • Years include are from 1880 to current
  • Pricing based on Condition ratings
    • Low estimate: Poor – Fair conditions
    • Average estimate: Average – Good conditions
    • High estimate: Very Good conditions
    • MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price): New
    • Salvage or Parts: used or new old parts not in box, frame/ engine maybe with title
    • FMV (Fair Market Value) or Sold Price: a selling price for an item to which a buyer and seller agreed upon for final transaction
  • Condition ratings
    • New: Factory new
    • Perfect Like New: Showroom condition, no money to spend to function
    • Very Good: Very well maintained, full service history
    • Good: Minimal signs of wear and tear
    • Average: Reasonably well maintained, mechanically sound, only a few paint and blemishes
    • Fair: Minor mechanical repairs needed, minor damage, scratches or dents
    • Poor: Major mechanical repairs needed, dents, damage and rust may be evident, parts missing
  • Specification details for some models
  • Some models may not have a price or specifications listed as we are still researching those
  • Bikes that have been restored, customized or are “one of a kind” are noted along with some details 

What is Charlie?

CHARLIE is a innovative programming software who’s name comes from our mascot. Mz. Debo developed CHARLIE to assist with the development for the new community platform.

How we do the pricing guide?

The Bikes 2 Bikes Price Guide uses CHARLIE to assist in gathering and analyzing data from multiple sources such as auctions, asking prices, consumer to consumer sales, dealer to consumer sales and consumer to dealer sales. With the data from CHARLIE, our bike experts and appraisers are able to provide an in-depth insight for bike values.

We understand the bike industry and markets. It is different from the car market. Not all bikes are equal and sometimes this can make a huge difference in a value. We take into consideration multiple facets of the bike such as the condition, and other items. We also understand that some bikes are built not bought. That’s why we also have the CHARLIE Custom Pricing Tool which helps to provide a value for additional, custom or restored parts.

We hope that with the Bikes 2 Bikes Price Guide you can get a better understanding of the value of your bike.

*Please note that in no way do the values listed in the Bikes 2 Bikes Price Guide imply actual insurance coverage or an actual appraisal. Contact an actual insurance company that covers stock, custom or restored bikes. Contact a local bike appraiser for an official certified appraisal.