Ted’s First Sturgis Trip


For some strange reason, I’ve avoided going to Sturgis bike week. The time, the money, whatever but this year I ran out of excuses. My friend Flash asked me numerous times to go and he wasn’t even planning on going this year, but he cancelled another trip and my dream of going to Sturgis Bike Week was going to become a reality. Flash planned out many scenic rides that would start after The Horse free chopper show that took place in the campground we were making our home for the week. It was great seeing my fellow staffers and they made me a judge, my first Sturgis was starting out great.

Ted Arsen
Ted Arsen

We did the Main Street scene one day and checked out One eyed Jacks for a while but I didn’t come to Sturgis to hang out in crowds, I came to ride and to check out scenery of the great west. I can still picture riding through the Badlands, man what a scenic and beautiful place. Flash got some good shots of me riding through them and these pictures mean a lot to me. We went to Montana and checked out a place called the Stoneville Saloon in Alzeda, Montana. It was topless Tuesday, the place was packed, girls walking around topless so every guy was smiling including Flash and I. There was a contest and I heard them call out a girl from Long Island, N.Y. I didn’t know her but it was odd to hear my stomping ground in the middle of nowhere.

We also went to TaTanka which is Kevin Costner’s ranch, a nice town called Hulett and a town called Aladdin, population 15 which was for sale for $1,500,000.00 rm. Some of the scenery was breathtaking in Wyoming where we checked out Devils Tower. Some other scenic places we toured that week were Needles highway with its road that went through rock and Custer State Park. Deadwood is where we saw Wild Bill Hickock’s chair, in which he was shot was above the front door. Above the town was his grave marker as well as Calamity Jane’s, who is buried next to Wild Bill. I had to see Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.

The week flew by and then it was over. This trip was definitely worth it. I recommend everybody go there at least once.

I didn’t mention every place we went but I want to thank Flash for his expert scenic rides. He took me on a trip I was always remember and lots of pictures I will keep forever.

Arsen Investigator Ted Arsen Lindenhurst, N.Y.

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