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One of the problems with a Triumph chopper with a bolt on hardtail (or any kind of ‘drop’ of the rear axle) is that it will move the final drive chain closer to the top of the case. If you check out unit Triumph cases at swap meets, it’s not at all unusual to see damage in this area, all the way from a slight scrape to blowing it out altogether. Running a slack chain will add to the movement of what tends to be quite a long chain to start.


Well, for the princely sum of $15, Troy Fab is offering a solution. Basically, it’s a shaped nylon block that’s designed to deflect the chain from hitting the case. It’s a lot like the primary chain tensioner idea in a lot of bikes.

So how easy is it to install? Once again, this is my favorite type of tech installation. One that takes longer to write than it did to actually install the piece!

The kit comprises of the nylon block and a screw with a lock nut. It utilizes a hole that is already in the case, so at least with my bike, there was no drilling or anything involved.

I did have to disconnect the (non standard) breather, if you are still running the tube, you could probably leave it hooked up. The models that don’t breathe through the primary should have no problem.

I slid the block into place until the hole lined up, started the screw and tightened it up. Done!

This is a very simple and cheap mod that will more than pay for itself down the road.

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