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Are you paranoid about leaving your chopper parked unattended? Are you unable to eat your waffles at Denny’s without having a line of sight to your bike through the window? Convinced the minute you turn your back a hoard of evil-doers will pull up with a paedo-van and swipe your precious ride?


Well, you might be on to something. Anybody that casually peruses Instagram knows that there is an almost constant stream of stolen motorcycle alerts. There’s no shortage of low-life bastards out there that want to make what’s yours, theirs. So what to do? I used to ride with a big ass cable lock around me, bandolier style. It worked, but it was always getting oily and therefore getting me oily in the process. When you’re attending things like Daytona Bike Week, Sturgis etc. you KNOW there are organized gangs scoping out victims and running off with motorcycles… and I’m not just talking about the cops! If your bike is precious to you, you need to do something to keep it safe. Especially if you can’t park in a well lit, well traveled place.

Disk locks are nothing new. They do a decent job as a deterrent because much like shit running downhill, the crooks will follow the path of least resistance. However, with a more determined crew, they will just lift the front end of the bike off the ground as they throw it in the van. And they can do this very quickly. A decent set of bolt cutters will make short work of most cable locks also.

So here we have a disk lock with a distinct advantage. Not only does it immobilize the casual “push the bike into the alley” getaway artists but it also has a piercing 110 Decibel alarm! Yeah, I’d prefer one that pierced the throat of the thief, but in this lawsuit-happy society we can settle for it freaking them out and them leaving in a hurry.

The Abus Detecto 7000 is an impressive piece of equipment. Plastic-encased stainless steel, made in Germany. You insert the key and turn it, it pops the lock out and you just slide it onto your disk and squeeze it shut. There’s a steel dome on the inside that will set itself when you apply it to the disk. There is a warning tone that it’s armed and then you’re good to wander off. 

So what about luddites such as myself that owns a chopper with no disk brakes? Well, I tried a few different positions on my 1953 chopper. I locked it on the front spokes and manually clicked the dome inside to arm it. I could not move the front end without setting it off. I also tried putting it on the brake and the clutch pedal. There’s no shortage of places you can hang this thing from. It had “3D” detection for actual motion, not just motion around it.This should cut down the false alarms. 

It runs on two AAA batteries that live under the steel dome. It comes with a handy carrying case and two keys. They aren’t super cheap, I’ve seen them for around $130 online but German engineering and piece of mind are worth it. Can you see your bike right now?? Can someone else see it?

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