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For years, I ran a Goodson air cleaner on the Shovelhead with no complaints. I transferred it to the Panhead when (A) the Shovel went down and (B) the Pan was going out to the Artistry in Iron show in Las Vegas. The standard S&S air cleaner is not a bad look at all, I just wanted a tad more of a ‘custom’ look. Well, the Shovel has become viable once more and so I needed to transfer the Goodson back to it. It didn’t work as well on the Pan as it had a slight tendency to ‘cough’ back through the carb occasionally. This would pop the foam element off inside the Goodson. I know it would have been easier to just fix the jetting, but the Smoke Out was approaching and I needed a solution. 


I follow Jeremy Cupp’s LC Fabrications on Instagram (lcfabrications) and saw he was offering  a pretty cool air cleaner. The element is fully caged, so it wouldn’t get spit out when the Pan was being a pain to start. I got hold of Mr. Cupp and made arrangements for one of these beauties to be delivered to me.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my favorite type of ‘tech’ install job are one that take longer to write than they do to install! 

On an S&S Super E, if you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to install the S&S Super B style enrichener. I already had one there because I needed one with the Goodson, so I was good to go. They are a simple screw-in affair anyway. The round base plate was bolted in (using Loctite). The foam element placed over it. The mesh placed around it and then the front bolted on. All done!

These are LC Fabrications “Galaxy” air cleaners. 4” diameter and 2” thick. They are available in polished or black and also for HD CV type carbs. At $175 they won’t break the bank either- MADE IN THE USA!

Jeremy has all kinds of cool stuff on his site for sale at Tell him The Horse sent ya!

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