Hildebrand & Wolfmuller


Alois Wolfmüller and Hans Geisenhof’s patented design utilized an all metal hollow tube-frame that was revolutionary for the period.

The frame is formed of four horizontal tubes, between which the motor is mounted, and are united at their front ends with four inclined tubes connected at the top by crossbars carrying the steering head. The motor is a horizontal (parallel) two-cylinder, four-stroke, 1488cc engine that was water-cooled. The pistons move in unison, but ignition takes place in alternate cylinders on each out-stroke.

It was the first practical motorcycle to be put on the market.

Hildebrand Wolfmueller Motorrad on display at ZweiRad Museum NSU
1894 Hildebrand & Wolfmüller diagram

The first time the word Motorrad is used is in Alois Wolfmüller and Hans Geisenhof’s patent.

Stamps of Germany (Berlin) 1983

Stamp description / Briefmarkenbeschreibung

  • Ausgabepreis: 50+20 Pfennig
  • First Day of Issue / Erstausgabetag: 12. April 1983
  • Auflage: 2.921.000
  • Entwurf: Schillinger
  • Druckverfahren: Offsetdruck

Michel-Katalog-Nr: Ländercode-MiNr: 694

1896 Cover feature
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