Bob Marshall on his home built 1959 Harley


My Pops, Bob Marshall on his home built 1959 Harley Davidson Pan Circa the early 1970s.

It was an old cop bike he picked up and put together here in Riverside CA. with the help of local shop then, Action Choppers, going with a 15 over front end and 15 inch front tire.

He sold it when I was a few years old at my Mom’s request but one of my earliest memories was helping him push it over the oil hole in our back yard, then watching in amazement as he jumped to re it up and rode it bouncing down the street.

I thought it was the coolest looking way to ride a motorcycle. When it was time for me to race the infamous Stampede chopper race, my choice was clear! An old cop bike as my Pops did (only Kawi, not Harley, my own style). We now do landspeed racing together under Flying Marshall Racing which includes my 9 year old son Robert the crew chief, our next generation of rider.

My Pops is always there, no matter what squirrelly shit we are wrenching on or racing.

Thanks for all the inspiration Pops, from your son, biggest fan, and namesake, Bob Marshall

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