A war hero’s ’47 Knuck


Here is a picture of my old man who passed away nine years ago March 30th at the age of 85. Back in the 40s he rode with the Blue Barons out of Tacoma, he loved to photograph bike events from mud runs in Olympia to flat track and TT races in Seattle. The Tacoma hill climbs are my favorite.

I loved to hear his stories of the rides, such as the run from Tacoma to Wenatchee and how he could outrun the Brit bikes until Old Blewett Pass where the corners and tight turns slowed him down and the old BSAs and other “small bikes” would pass.

He loved all motorcycles but his ‘47 Knuck had a special place. It was his first new bike after the war. He sold his ‘36 when he went into the Coast Guard when the war began.

Steve Moye

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