Unlike any other

It’s a 2001 Honda Shadow VLX not done in the traditional way that most people chop them. It’s not so much bobbed as it is a low rider. It’s unique amongst the sea of chopped and bobbed trailer fender VLXs out there.
I’ve done custom cut and wrapped stock pipes, a pancake style intake filter eliminating all the stock air box, piping and emissions crap, rejetted and tuned the carb. I’ve put on a nasty set of keystone bars, removed all the electronics and relocated them to other places on the bike (neck covers and side covers). I gutted the stock rear fender of the tail light, plate bracket and rear sub frame and slammed it to the tire by replacing the stock monoshock
with an 8 3\4” strut dropping it about 4”. I removed the stock turn signals, replacing them with black bullet style aftermarket version, added a side mount custom brake/ tail light and horizontal bracket and finally gave the
whole thing a custom black and midnight purple metallic paint job. It was all done in the driveway and garage of my apartment which has no electricity or light and using a small toolbox full of hand tools.

Thanks for looking.
Bizzy Griggs, Cleveland Ohio

Horse Rf Unlikeanyother

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