Sassy Lassy

“I always wanted to build a war bike, but not just a 1945 Harley Davidson, I wanted one that would mean something. The last three years I have been collecting parts for a project that I have been dreaming of building since I retired from the Army. I wanted a true Department Of Defense WLA Harley Davidson, built with true WW2 WLA bike parts. It’s been a challenge to get these hard to find parts. There are many cheap Chinese knock off parts out there but what’s the point, I don’t want to build a bike, I wanted to build a piece of history. The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association wanted to build this bike and I wanted to be the lead person on this bike. I donated all the parts that I have collected over the last three years. All WW2 bike parts that I collected were going to be installed on a museum piece war bike. The amount of research that has been done to build this bike equals the equivalent of a degree in hours spent in the development of this project. The countless hours glued to the computer or the cellphone searching for the right parts and not just any parts I wanted NOS (New Old Stock) Parts for WLA bike and WW2 WLA bike parts. I have been lucky that I have communicated with so many people from all over the world to help me get this project off the ground.”

Submitted by: Carlos Perez