Salute the Troops

Got the new Horse, and while reading through Hammers editorial I noticed a picture of your display case, in which you had one of my patriotic pieces of a soldier and chopper I sent you a while back.

I do displays and pictures for veterans as a hobby. We canNEVER do enough for our veterans and troops!!! FromWWII, Vietnam to today, they learned in combat that theyhad to look out for each other as to survive the day! I wishwe all could learn this also. Today many think of only #1and they wonder why they feel so empty.

Custom bikes are an attitude, it’s not just trying to bedifferent, but not leaving it as is if you see things different.If you build a chopper, bobber or even a bagger. If youdream your bike away in your head… Go for it!

Keep up the great magazine! – Alvin Snow


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