Todd Baker’s 68 XLCH Chopper


The story behind this purple ’68 XLCH chopper starts out in California where the whole chopper/bobber scene started.

Todd Baker was checking out eBay for some deals for his next project and came across a bunch of parts to build a ‘68 Sportster. Well Todd took a big chance and won the bid but had to spend 700 big ones to ship the parts from California to Nazareth, Pa. The bike came in boxes and crates, included in the parts was the girder front end which is a P and P, 10 over. The custom hardtail frame is of unknown origin and is far from stock. He sold off the stock frame and other parts to gather some cash to build a period correct 70’s chopper. That was 16 years ago and since it’s been different colors. Three years ago, Todd decided since his kids were no longer toddlers that he could spend some nights in the garage and do the Sportster up way different than before. In Y2K the motor was freshened up by Retro Cycle. Todd hand polished all the motor parts and that girder too. All the chrome is what he got with the bike. That primary cover looks new as well as the girder, lots of polishing went on in Todd’s garage. He even caught a break on the motor, the pistons are only .030 over which is not bad for a 1968 motorcycle. The paint is pretty exotic. Todd used House Of Kolor silver metallic with Pavo Purple and that’s what makes this chop stand out in a sea of black bikes. Todd layered on that 70s throw back paint job by himself, as well as all assembly. He made a 1 of a kind rear fender brace out of round steel stock and it follows the curve of the 16 inch rim perfectly. Todd tells me the one thing he spent the most time on was that ribbed Mustang tank with the ribbed cap, a true 70s piece it looked like swiss cheese according to Todd. He not only re-welded it but made the hidden mounts. Everything on this bike is 70s style and flows perfectly together. The spark is provided by a Fairbanks/Morse magneto.

So there you have it a mans 16 year love affair with a ‘68 sportster he bought as an E-bay bike that turned out to be the deal of the century with extra parts to sell off and lots of great stuff to start the build. I spied this bike in North Hampton, Pa., at the “Gathering of the Tribes”, it wound up winning the “Alpha” trophy for Top Wolf of the Pack or in biker terms “Leader of the Pack” like that old song. So scour E-bay and U2 can nd some great parts to make your dream bike. Todd Baker did, thanks to his understanding wife and kids for the time in the garage so he could make this happen….

Arsen Investigator Ted Arsen Lindenhurst, N.Y.

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