Swedish Style Chopper


Back in issue #124 The Horse featured in my column a yellow Evo chopper that Mark built out of two basket cases he bought from a bike shop, this is the second basket case bike.

Mark actually almost had to buy a rolling chassis with shovel motor to collect all the basic parts that he wanted. The frame is a Paughco Swedish style stretched frame which gives the bike it’s 70s look, then on top of the frame sits a Frisco’d sporty tank. Paint and molding were done by “Back to Basics Billy”. The high sissy bar was fabbed by Mark with help from Joe from Seaford, and to give the bar a 60’s outlaw look a German SS eagle from a flag was affixed to the bar. The engine a ‘56 Pan/Shovel that came in the second rolling frame was already rebuilt by local Panhead Guru “Bob McQueen”.

Mark the owner of this bike was a Marine back in the 80’s and dedicates this bike to 16 of his fellow Marines including Mark’s best friend who perished in a terrorist attack in Beirut Lebanon, October 23rd marked the 30th anniversary. To round out the parts list Mark chose “Midwest” 80 spoke rims, front and rear and they also supplied the transmission a 4 speed. The final assembly was done by Paul Tracey of “Chop It”. And last but not least Tara a hardcore punk and metal chick was enlisted to give Marks Pan/Shovel a hardcore edge, in contrast to the peaceful Arsen garden backdrop.

Arsen Investigator (Ted Arsen)
Lindenhurst, N.Y.

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