Rob’s Ex-FXRP


I didn’t actually meet Rob the owner of this chop until the day I shot the bike, but we had been conversing via computer for awhile. Rob lives and works (as a welder) in Connecticut, so my friend Mike and I took a boat ride over from Long Island rather than sit in NYC traffic.

Ted Arsen
Ted Arsen

The bike actually looked better in person than pictures showed and Rob is a big fan of The Horse and was stoked to have his bike in his favorite magazine. This bike started life as an FXRP for those that don’t know it’s an FXR police model. Rob rode it stock for 1 year and his vision of a cool bike didn’t have bags or shocks. He started by ordering a Jireh/Midwest Cycle frame that has a 35 degree rake and 4 inch stretch in the downtube and after Rob mocked up the bike, he decided to rake it another 3 degrees (or a pie slice). The Paughco springer is 6 inches over, the carb is a Bendix, the primary drive is an “Ultima” 3 and 3/8th’s, the rear stopping power is an Exile Sprotor.

Rob makes his living welding so he did the welding on the frames neck and cut the British rear fender into 4 pieces, then welded 3/16” round stock on to the sides, you will notice that Rob doesn’t mold anything, all welds are left as is, that includes the re-location of the petcock and tank trim. On the bottom of the tank Rob put Cadillac trim from a valve cover he found and cut out very carefully. Rob fabricated many parts for this bike including the oil tank, the pipes, forward controls (very sharp) the oil filter mount, the handlebars and top motor mount. As far as what Rob used from the original FXRP- not much, just the transmission which is an Ultima 6 speed for top end, highway cruising, and the motor is not stroked, but has ported and polished heads and stainless steel valves. Rob even painted the bike in his buddy’s downdraft booth and the paint is House of Kolor custom blend Kandy blue with blue/purple spindriff over raw steel tins. As you can see by Rob’s well worn tire, Rob enjoys his chop tearing up Connecticut’s roads ……..

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