Cowboy Pan


If you’re into Harley’s or for that matter motorcycles in general, there’s no doubt that the Panhead is one of the most drool inspiring rides on the planet!

This particular Pan belongs to my buddy Matt Picaro and to say Matt’s a collector of all things drool worthy would be an understatement. Matt found this ole’ girl at an estate sale parked next to a 61 Pan with shovel cases and had to have both bikes. Now the old widow selling off her late husbands stuff was no fool, she knew what she had and wasn’t about to let them go for a song. Long story short Matt went home with both bikes, Empty pockets and a ham and cheese sandwich in his stomach that the old widow was kind enough to make him since she took all his lunch money!

This bike was built by a guy by the name of Marty McCallum (not sure of the spelling). Most of the parts used to assemble her came from NOS stock that Marty bought from the old Trenton Harley Davidson when she closed her doors for the final time all those years ago. From What I’ve heard Marty is a local legend around these parts and looking at the way this bike was built and rides, I certainly see no reason to argue with that sentiment. This bike turns heads wherever she’s parked and she’s not parked often!

She’s raked a bit and still maintains the tabs where a sidecar could be mounted but there’s really not much else known about her. She’s a pretty basic bare bones chopper built in a style that will remain timeless no matter what the latest trends dictate.

Who could ask for anything more?

Bike Owner: Joseph EvoJoe Mazzella
Model: Dahlia Rain
Bike Owner: Joseph EvoJoe Mazzella

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